Banana Muffins

chocolate for mother day!

Mother’s Day take place on various days depending on the countries where it is celebrated. In Australia, Canada and the United States it happens on the second Sunday of May.  In the United Kingdom it is held exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday and in Poland, in my native country, it is celebrated always on the 26th of May.

No matter where we are, we always remember about our MUM’s. It doesn’t matter how far we live, we always send them our Loves and best wishes simply because we Love them. My Mum is so far away and I miss her so much.

Happy Mother’s Day for my Mum and the other Mum’s too :).



3 bananas; 1/3 glass of melted butter (cooled down); 1/2 glass of brown sugar; 1 egg; 1 tsp of baking soda; 1,5 glass of flour; salt; 3 tbsp of cocoa powder; 200g vanilla cream cheese; 3 tbsp kefir.

If you wish you can add nuts or dried berries or fresh fruits of your choice.

(You will get around 12 mid size muffins)


Firstly, I have blended bananas. When smoothed I have added sugar, cooled butter, egg, vanilla cream cheese and kefir. I have mixed flour with cocoa powder, baking soda and salt and I have sieved it all to the banana mix.

I have mixed well all together.

I have preheated oven to 200°C and I have baked muffins for about 25 min.

When muffins were cooling down, I have prepared cream cheese.

To make cream cheese I have beat cream (36% of fat) with icing sugar and lemon juice for few minutes until light and fluffy and I have spread it on top of my delicious muffins using my little cake decorating tool.

Ingredients I have used to make cream cheese were: 500ml cream (cream need to be cold, ideally from the fridge), lemon juice (1/2 of lemon) and about 2 tbsp. of icing sugar. You can adjust it if you like.

I have added natural strawberry drops on top of muffins to give them Pretty Look.

If you are on diet you can eat muffins without of cream cheese. They still we be Yummy and Delicious. This how I usually have them myself ;).

Bon Appetite!





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