Anniversary Cake


A RAINBOW CAKE was my idea for Marriage Anniversary Celebration.

Me and my husband this year have now been married for 14 years.

HAPPY years, full of Happiness. ❤❤❤

And all this time went by like a day! Unbelievably fast. We still have dreams and plans for our future together. We missed each other every day and we Love and Respect each other like on day 1.

I made this little colourful cake to share my LOVE!


I always try to make cakes myself. I believe that if I put a little energy into it will pay off in my figure 😊. Also, when I make food myself I know that I am using high quality ingredients and no nasty additives. I can change unhealthy bits with healthier options. It is my idea for healthy life.

I love raw cakes. This cheesecake is made raw. If you see more of my posts on my website (or if you observing me on Instagram @joanna.stankiewicz ) you will notice that this is not the first time when I use cottage cheese. I love it so much. It is healthy, it doesn’t have many calories and it is tasty at the same time. All in one.

So, let me tell you how I made this beautiful Anniversary Cake 😊.

How I made it!

To make bottom of the cake I used: 1 cup of almonds; 1 cup of goldenberries; 5 dates; ¼ cup of cacao nibs; 3/4 cup of oats; 15g milled chia seeds; ¼ tsp. sea salt; 5 tbsp. maple syrup; 2 tbsp. coconut oil;

To make cheesecake layers I used: 500g of cottage cheese; 1 tbsp. vanilla paste; Sweetener (8 capsules) of your choice (I used Stevia); ½ lemon juice; 3 tbsp. of maple syrup; 15g goldenberries; 1 cup of white chocolate – melted; 2.5g of butterfly pea powder; 2.0g of wheatgrass powder; 8 tsp. of gelatine (of your personal choice) dissolved in small amount of hot water;



I blended goldenberries, dates (without of pits), cacao nibs and oats together. I added milled chia seeds, sea salt, maple syrup and coconut oil and mixed all together. Then I blended almonds separately. I take some of blended almonds (about 1/8 of cup) out as I wanted to use to spread on cake tin before mixture lined on tin and for my decoration later. The rest of almonds I added to the rest of the assorted ingredients and I mixed together. I lined all on my cake tin (I used small tin about 20cm) sprinkled with blended almonds and I put to the fridge to rest.

Layers of the cake:

While bottom was chilling in the fridge I prepared colourful top for my cake.

Firstly, I dissolved gelatine in small amount of hot water and I put to cool down. After that I melted white chocolate and I cooled it down. Then I blended goldenberries.

Afterwards, I blended cottage cheese together with sweetener, maple syrup, lemon juice, vanilla paste, melted cold white chocolate and goldenberries. I blended for few minutes until smooth. Then I added gelatine and mixed it again. (Try the cake. It should be sweet enough. If not add some more maple syrup).

I had around 660ml of mixture altogether.


The first layer:

I took 220ml of the mixture and I added butterfly powder. I blended it together.

I took cake base from the fridge and I laid the first blue layer into it. I put it to the freezer for 5 min. It was settled after that time (you may need more time but please remember it doesn’t have to be hard (and really it shouldn’t be)).

The second layer:

I took another 220ml of mixture and I laid on top of the 1st layer. I put to the freezer for another 5 min again.

The third layer:

I left with 220ml of cottage cheese mixture. I added 2g of wheatgrass powder. I blended well together. I took cake from the freezer and I laid green colour on top of the white one.

This time I put cake to the fridge to settle.

I decorated my cake with blueberries, mint leaves and edible flowers. I added a few silver crisp pearls too.

I am happy with the taste of the cake. I was worried that if I add butterfly or wheatgrass powder the layers will change taste, but it didn’t happen. The cake remained delicious. The layers was not too sweet which went quite well with the sweet bottom. The consistency of the cake was great too.

My husband, my son and my friends all liked the cake. They enjoyed the colours of the cake and its taste too.

Pease make the cake and let me know what you think. If you need any help please send me note. If you don’t like it let me know as well. Tell me what should I change!



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