Parsnip & Grapes

Healthy Breakfast
Parsnip and Grapes

Would you like to make this yummy breakfast?

Recipe to follow:

πŸ‘‰1/2 cup of rolled oats πŸ‘‰1/2 cup of semolina πŸ‘‰2 cups of soya milk πŸ‘‰1 vanilla pod πŸ‘‰1 parsnip (medium size) πŸ‘‰pinch of salt πŸ‘‰6 large raisins πŸ‘‰almond flakes πŸ‘‰1 bunch of red grapes.


Firstly, I roasted the grapes, I separated them and I put them in the oven for about 35 min 180C. Then I put rolled oats, semolina, soya milk, grated parsnip, sliced raisins, salt and vanilla pot to the pan and I cooked slowly for about 20 min. I let the porridge settle before I served. Then I roasted almond flakes on frying pan. When the grapes were ready I added few of them to my porridge together with some almond flakes. I softly mixed it all and I served it in the jar with more roasted grapes and roasted almond flakes in between and on top.

Nice, satisfying and energetic breakfast inspired by β€œSezonowe warzywo” Dominika’s Wojciak book. She made breakfast with root parsley and grapes. I changed parsley for parsnip and some other ingredients but I follow the idea to use seasonal vegetables.

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